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Pablo Delgado

Artist Pablo Delgado photocopies, hand colors and pastes miniature street scenes around London’s East End.

Who Killed Bambi?

aleXsandro Palombo created a series of illustrations from “No Fur” Fendi ad campaigns to The Day After Baby Is Dead. So awesome.

Nikki Cast

I met Nikki Castagneto at a mutual friends birthday party a few months ago and our conversation quickly went from discussing the celebration to the necklace she was wearing. A fully functional double layer zipper necklace with feather closure details. She was the designer. Nikki’s love for jewelry balanced with her second passion of motorcross inspired her to create a collection that is truly stunning. Originality rooted from the the bottom of a tool box Nikki Cast jewelry is the elegant synthesis between a sundress and a motorcycle.

Nikki Cast – Jewelry Design

Ed Bing Lee

most definitely the only hamburger I’d ever eat…



“LADYBOY” is a solo exhibition by the NY based collage-artist Judith Supine who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  Up until the age of seventeen, Judith remained mute. Art became his sole mean of communication, and has flourished into next-level, street-level art, of big, happy colours and dark, heavy scenes. Editor of Beyond the Street, Patrick Nguyen refers to Supine’s world as “a proper maelstrom, headfuck experience — for the most part in a good way”.

Check out his flickr.
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Prada Fantasy SS 2011