It is our pets who we observe and see our primal behaviors and needs. The fearless hunt for play, rest and food. Their make do attitude and attention to the clock of nature rather than the tick of time reminds us to be more in tune with all of the elements surrounding ourselves. Also to make ourselves cozy and comfortable. I enjoy watching my kitten, Blue fashion a bed out of my shirt i have left on the floor. She carefully arranges it into a beautiful nest and curls up for a nap. When she is playing, her fierce determination and nimble moves are quite impressive.

She swats, leaps, and balances across the most unbelievable obstacle courses that she creates with the landscape of architecture, furniture, and objects throughout my apartment. And when she breaks or scratches something i never get upset.  It is her world inside here too. To exist among the spirit of another animal is the ultimate intimacy. She is always smelling the roses while never missing the most subtle details.


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